Whole Foods Thanksgiving Meal Preparation Class

Thanksgiving is my very favorite holiday, but preparing a huge meal can be overwhelming and exhausting.  Often we don’t even have the skills necessary to prepare this meal from scratch and so we are forced to buy ready made, canned, and frozen items.  This can make meal prep easier, but it will be well worth your time and effort to learn how to easily prepare this meal from scratch in a healthy and delicious way.  By starting early and working a little along, you can have the most enjoyable Thanksgiving ever.  And there is nothing like looking at a table full of healthy foods that you prepared, and knowing that you have prepared all of that deliciousness with love for your family.

Now is the time to begin your Thanksgiving meal preparations. TUESDAY, November 15 – I’ll be teaching a class on making a whole foods Thanksgiving feast for your family – from turkey, dressing and gravy to vegetables, rolls, desserts and what to do with your leftovers. It will be a quick and crazy 2 hours, but you will leave with recipes, shopping lists, a meal prep plan, and some hands-on experience. Plus we are going to have so much fun :-).

Whether you are new to preparing a Thanksgiving meal or would just like some new ideas and healthier recipes for the holidays, this class will help to provide information and experience to make this the most nutritious and least stressful holiday ever.

Space is limited so reserve your place soon.

Click on the photo for a printable flier.

Click on the photo for a printable flier.