Weekly Special, Mission Fund, and a New Menu

The Cottage Bakery has been so busy the past 2 months that I have hardly had a chance to post, but I am working on organizing my baking so that I will also have time to write.  For today I would like to share my  Weekly Special, a missions donation and the new brochure/menu.

This week I am highlighting my Sourdough Crunch Cereal in my Weekly Special. Normally this cereal is $7/1 pound bag.  This week you can get 1/2 pound of each of the four flavors for $12.  Let me know when you order whether you would like nuts in your cereal. 🙂

Variety Pack Sourdough Crunch Cold Cereal

$12 for 1/2 pound of each:
Banana Nut
Maple Pecan
Cranberry Orange Walnut
Apple Cinnamon
Nuts are optional on all varieties

This cereal is created in a 3 step process: Sourdough starter is added to organic soft white wheat and rolled oats and left for 16-24 hours. The flavored breads are created from this sourdough with real fruit and nuts and lightly sweetened with raw honey, Grade B maple syrup, or organic sucanat. Finally, the bread is crumbled and gently dried to create a delicious cold cereal that stays crunchy in milk.  It is really delicious!!

Mission Trip Fund

My daughter, Rebecca, is preparing for a mission trip this summer to Beaverton, Oregon.  She will spend the summer ministering to people there and sharing the gospel.  She is working hard to raise money for this trip.  I would like to support her efforts by donating the profits from this week’s sales to her mission fund.  I really appreciate your business and she does too!!



The Prairie Mom Cottage Bakery Menu

Click on the following photos for a PDF of the new brochure/menu.  Comment, email, or message me on Facebook to order.

The Prairie Mom brochure_Page_1 The Prairie Mom brochure_Page_2


2 thoughts on “Weekly Special, Mission Fund, and a New Menu

  1. Barbara Archer

    Hi Connie,
    I would like to order two of your super amazing sounding sourdough granola specials (12 for 1/2 lb each). How would you like payment?

    Sorry for making this so long. I’m sure you’re very busy!
    Blessings to you and your family,

    1. Connie

      Barbara – I can just pick up the money when I bring your cereal. I started some cereal this morning but it will be Friday before this batch is dried and ready. Why don’t you email me your address/phone number and I can get with you. Thanks so much!! Connie

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