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Monday, Dec. 29, 2014 I am deep into the post holiday clean-up, pack-up, recovery funk.  Do you have that at your house?  And all the while I am cleaning, packing, and recovering I am planning the new week and the new month and the new year.  And I am thinking of all I need to […]

If you have a moment to listen, start this morning with a beautiful hymn.  “Close to Thee” is a hymn known also by the name “Thou My Everlasting Portion”.  It is sung here by Harding University Concert Choir.  Fanny Crosby wrote the words to this hymn. Thou my everlasting Portion, More than friend or life […]

Depression. The rarely spoken, but often whispered affliction of so many.  Though sometimes diagnosed, it is rarely publicly known.  And most often it is not acknowledged with a diagnosis, but dealt with in private.  Publicly we are expected to carry on and accomplish all that needs to be done.  But we see as if in […]