Pregnancy Birth and Beyond

As a mom who has been through the “pregnancy, birth, and beyond” process several times, there is a conference coming to Lubbock that really excites me.  As a first time mom more than 20 years ago, the birth options in our city were extremely limited.  I was so blessed to have a doctor that listened to me and let me try to have babies the way I wanted to.  With each baby I learned how my body worked during labor and delivery and he watched, listened, and worked with me to have 12 natural deliveries with very few complications.  I was amazed during one of my deliveries when a nurse was antsy to “check” me and he quietly told her that I “was still counting with my fingers and when I was ready I would start counting with my fist.” (I never hit anyone :-))  He gently pushed so many nurses aside through the years as he allowed me to labor at my pace in my way.  He championed my desires and, keeping our health and safety as his priority, he instructed the nurses to let me labor my way!  Not every woman is so fortunate as to find a doctor that is willing to be an advocate for her.  For this reason I am SO pleased to make you all aware of a conference coming to Lubbock in just 2 weeks.

PB&B LOGOBirth options in 2015 are not what they were in 1992 and this conference is meant to “educate, inform and provide prenatal, pregnancy, birth and postpartum resources for local families. (This event is not affiliated with any specific birth venue, method, or philosophy.)”

Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond is a vision of 4 local moms – Thara Reinitz, Abigail Lassiter, Kristin Proctor, and Elizabeth Bruffey – who “share a passion for families, healthy pregnancies, and safe, satisfying births for moms, their babies and their families.” “We came together with a vision to take what we know of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum resources in our city and share this with as many families as we can here in Lubbock. We are honored for the chance to bring to you and your family the knowledge of local services and service providers that can support the best possible pregnancy and birth.”

I know that some of these ladies have had a passion for this subject for years and I am so proud that they have come together to make their vision a reality.  The incredible line-up of speakers for the conference is listed below but there is a complete bio of each speaker on their website.  You can also go there to register. If you are a young mom or considering a family soon, I highly recommend this conference.  Lubbock has so many resources now that were not available in years past.  This should be a priority for every mom or mom to be.

I am not compensated in any way for this post.  I just wholeheartedly believe in an educated birth plan, an advocate for women during delivery, and a long and satisfying nursing experience.  Most women don’t have 12 babies to learn the ropes.  You can learn in 1 day so much of what I spent 12 pregnancies and 20 years learning.  Take advantage of this opportunity.

Pregnancy Birth & Beyond

~ An Awesome Local Conference ~

January 17, 2015 * Lubbock, TX

8:00am – 6:00pm

  • Dr. Jared Brinker (MD, Family Practice/Obstetrics)
  • Jennifer L. Phy (DO, Reproductive Endocrinologist)
  • Dr. Robert Couch (MD, Pediatrics)
  • The Midwife Cottage, LLC
  • Ashli Powell (Private Birth Doula)
  • Ariel Purkeypile (RN, HN-BC, IBCLC, CD (DONA)), Covenant Women’s Center Doula
  • Danielle Patton (Certified DONA Birth Doula & Certified Placenta Encapsulation Specialist)
  • Shauna Owens (Birth Photographer, Certified Labor Doula (CBI), CLC)
  • Lacey Bell (Licensed Massage Therapist)
  • Sarah Johnson (Certified SBD Doula & Belly Binding Specialist)
  • University Medical Center Representatives
  • Breastfeeding Q&A Panel:
    • Sara Bohn R.N., C.D. (DONA)
    • Vanessa Rautis (CLC, IBCLC, RLC, CLD (CBI)