Planning my Week – 12/14/2014

Sometimes the kids wonder why I bother to plan my week when I almost never accomplish everything, and sometimes almost nothing, that was on my list.  The reason is really simple.  If I take the time to plan for a few minutes on Sunday, then at least I start my week with a direction.  I’m not set on accomplishing everything on my list – I just don’t want to squander the week away.  Sometimes I feel like God leads me in a direction other than what I have planned and I try to follow His lead.  Sometimes life takes over and I need to set aside my agenda for what is best for my family.  Sometimes I just get tired and reading my goals reminds me of where I was headed and motivates me to persevere.  My list gives me direction and a place to start.  And so . . . I plan.

Bible Study

We are moving on this week to Psalm 16 verse 5 and maybe we will even get to verse 6.  I originally did this Bible study several years ago and I am surprised how challenging it is to write it out.  And how much I am learning.  And how much God is stretching me with every verse.


I had a really great experience this weekend with the kids.  We went to an old-fashioned barn dance and learned several old and very cool dances.  I would love to tell you more about that fun evening.

I am trying so hard to make the holidays meaningful.  I’ll share with you our very simple Advent celebrations.  I also plan to make sugar cookies and decorate them with the kids.  Maybe we will get a few pictures to share.

In the Kitchen

My kitchen is really busy these days as Christmas orders for my cottage bakery come pouring in.  I am thankful for this source of income and I love to bake so it is good.  I will also be working to add some foods to our freezer for our own Christmas celebrations.  During the month of December my Real Food Menu Planner is free for newsletter subscribers.  It explains how I manage to feed our family mostly real food on a real budget.  Click here to subscribe and I’ll send you the eBook.  Here is our menu for this week:

Menu Planner 12-14-14

The Great Outdoors

I am hoping to finally introduce you to the animals on our little farm.  I am so busy in the kitchen these days that my outdoor pursuits are limited.

On My Bookshelf

We are still reading Tabitha’s Travels for Advent and it is good.  The kids always want to read more than the scheduled chapter per day.  I am going to finally finish Cowboy Christmas (I hope) and I will get the review finished for Yule Logs – an adventure filled collection of short stories.  My boys are helping with that review.  Lydia is working on a review of her own and I should be able to share that with you by midweek.  I hope to continue The Case for Christmas and read Touching Wonder: Recapturing the Awe of Christmas.  My reading time is going to be limited so I am considering the audio version of a couple of the books on my list.  Do you ever listen to audiobooks?



I think that should keep me busy and productive? What is planned for your week?

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