Planning My Week – 01/12/15

Last week was one of those weeks where almost nothing went according to plan and each day I just put out the fires in front of me and kept moving.  Do you ever have weeks like that?  I can handle weeks like that occasionally but I really need the structure of a planned week as much as possible.  It helps so much for our family, our school, and our lives to be somewhat predictable.  The kids crave that – they will get up in a few minutes and automatically set the table with bowls because it’s Monday.  Cold cereal day.  They know this.  What they don’t know or won’t remember is that I didn’t make cereal last week and I don’t buy cereal in a box.  After a week of busy-ness (and two weeks of celebrating before that), I am so ready for some order to our days.  Here is my plan:

Bible Study – Be consistent in my own daily quiet time and study.  Work towards finishing the posts for Psalm 16 and decide on the next Bible Study to post here.

Aim for consistency in our daily schedule this week:

  • 5:00am-8:30am – Chores, Breakfast, and Morning Routine
  • 8:30-12:00pm – School
  • 12-1 – Lunch
  • 1-2 – Quiet Reading/Nap
  • 2-5:30 – School and Afternoon Routine
  • 5:30-7 – Evening Chores and Supper
  • 7-8 – Family Time
  • 8-9 Bed

Food.  Keep it simple.  Keep it nutritious.  Get it on the table.  Focus on daily routine.

Menu Planner Master 01-12-15

School – consistent and accountable.  “Kids do what you INSPECT.  Not what you EXPECT.” – my friend, Jill.

Outside – Check into a bulk load of hay for the animals.  Order the plastic cover for my early season greenhouse.  Plan our garden 🙂

Motherhood – Regroup with goals and prayer verses for each child for the year (This will take me more than one week, but if I can do 3-4 kids this week that would be great!)

Write up reviews for  about 5 books that we finished but haven’t posted yet.  I’ve read lots of modern books lately, but I love books written years ago (like before 1920).  I’m looking for some new ones to try.  Do you have favorite old books for me to add to my list?

For my Blog – FINISH YOUR E-BOOK!!!!!  It just didn’t happen last week.  My family and friends have to come first in my life, but I really want to be a woman of my word.  I will make it a priority this week to finish your new gift – “Cooking for a Crowd”.  It’s packed full of recipes and tips and even some extras.  I had 3 opportunities last week to put my “feeding a crowd” tips into practice – which is a small part of why the book isn’t in your “in” box.  I will get this to you ASAP!

I met several of you as I was out and about during the last week or two and I just want you to know how much I enjoy visiting with you about your families.  You are working so hard to improve nutrition for your family, to make Bible study a priority, to be the best parent possible.  I have so many of those same goals.  I enjoy learning from you and I am inspired and challenged when we meet and visit.  Thank you!!  Have a blessed week 🙂

Connie, The Prairie Mom

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