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As a mom who has been through the “pregnancy, birth, and beyond” process several times, there is a conference coming to Lubbock that really excites me.  As a first time mom more than 20 years ago, the birth options in our city were extremely limited.  I was so blessed to have a doctor that listened […]

Having a plan makes my week so much easier.  Sometimes I am swamped on the weekend and the days just carry me along from one activity to the next.  Those weeks are gone before I can blink and I wonder what I accomplished.  This weekend allowed me time to rest and do a bit of […]

Clothing is a constant issue here – washing, repairing, replacing, and keeping it out of the floor.  I willingly admit this is one area that I don’t handle well.  But I have learned over the years that less is best, when clothing a small army.  It is much easier to keep up with fewer items than […]

    In a household of 14 there is seldom quiet.  But this is one of those moments. One hour ago noise and chaos reigned as some children ran and played while others cheered on their favorite football team.  A couple were in and out, slamming doors as they finished their evening chores.  But sweet Daddyboy took the children to […]