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Having a plan makes my week so much easier.  Sometimes I am swamped on the weekend and the days just carry me along from one activity to the next.  Those weeks are gone before I can blink and I wonder what I accomplished.  This weekend allowed me time to rest and do a bit of […]

My menu planning is what I call a flow system.  I choose and prepare 1 or 2 main meats and everything else flows from that.  Here is an example with our menu for this Thanksgiving week.  The main meats are pork roast and turkey.  All recipes made from those meats are marked with a **. […]

Real Food Menu Planning eBook Cover-001I’m glad you could stop by.  As a mom of many children, the question that I am most often asked is, “How do you feed them all?”  Meal planning and preparation has been such a critical part of our real foods journey.  And so I will attempt to answer the question . . .

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    In a household of 14 there is seldom quiet.  But this is one of those moments. One hour ago noise and chaos reigned as some children ran and played while others cheered on their favorite football team.  A couple were in and out, slamming doors as they finished their evening chores.  But sweet Daddyboy took the children to […]