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iPad photos 1744My name is Connie.  I live on the prairie with Daddyboy and most of our children.  Some are grown and in college – amazing how fast that happens.  We try to live a traditional, somewhat old-fashioned life.  But we do it with many modern conveniences.  We straddle the line between old-fashioned, home-based and modern, busy.  Being an introvert by nature, I long for more of one, but realize that God has called us to engage our children and prepare them to live in the busy, modern world.  I hope that they take with them the values of our traditional home as they stand firm on Biblical values wherever God calls them to serve.  Our days are full and loud – we do loud REALLY well. General posts about my life as The Prairie Mom are linked below.  Enjoy your visit here and please, subscribe to the weekly newsletter below, and feel free to contact me.  Blessings –

Connie, The Prairie Mom


Making Pa’s Biscuits with the littles – a special treat!

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