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My menu planning is what I call a flow system.  I choose and prepare 1 or 2 main meats and everything else flows from that.  Here is an example with our menu for this Thanksgiving week.  The main meats are pork roast and turkey.  All recipes made from those meats are marked with a **. […]

Saturday morning is pancake/waffle morning on the prairie.  Nutritionally speaking, I prefer sourdough or soaked grain pancakes.  But this mix is ALWAYS in my freezer.  When life is crazy, these multi-grain treats are quick, nutritious, and delicious.  They can be used for pumpkin pancakes, banana pancakes, blueberry pancakes, apple-nut pancakes or just eat them plain […]

Depression. The rarely spoken, but often whispered affliction of so many.  Though sometimes diagnosed, it is rarely publicly known.  And most often it is not acknowledged with a diagnosis, but dealt with in private.  Publicly we are expected to carry on and accomplish all that needs to be done.  But we see as if in […]

If you were raised in a Southern church – especially a Baptist one – that phrase probably sounds familiar. If you have a moment to listen, the hymn is sung here by Chris Rice.  It is beautiful. The original words and story of this hymn can be found here.  It is in the 2nd verse […]

Real Food Menu Planning eBook Cover-001I’m glad you could stop by.  As a mom of many children, the question that I am most often asked is, “How do you feed them all?”  Meal planning and preparation has been such a critical part of our real foods journey.  And so I will attempt to answer the question . . .

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Title:  Seven Ox Seven; Part One: Escondido Bound: A Story of Some Ways in the West Author:  P. A. Ritzer General Info:  Published in 2007, 672 pages Rating:  ♥♥♥♥♥ I have read this book three times so I can honestly give it five hearts. The western themed book describes the adventures of a Texas cowboy, a pioneering family, and […]